Sound Healing, Yoga & Meditation

Meditation facilitation

I facilitate group meditations using techniques from Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Kenya – including sound / nature / guided / breath / chakra / beej mantras / goddess mantras / eating / tea / walking. More in my portfolio here.

Sound baths for groups

I facilitate group sound baths, shamanic sound journeys, and chakra activating and cleaning meditations using the Tibetan singing bowls, Indian bamboo flute (bansuri) and Vietnamese gongs. Read more on Sound healing and my offerings here.

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Breathing and manipulation of prana, the life force. Within a few classes, you will be empowered to continue the practice on your own.

Hatha yoga

Slow and meditative classical yoga, for all levels including beginners.

Sound healing

Individual sound healing sessions include a confidential consultation, chakra work, binaural wave relaxation, vibrational massage therapy, aromatherapy with essential oils, sound bath, and energetic healing. More details here.

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Rates: individual or group

“I was neither awake nor asleep – but I was in a beautiful place. I have been suffering from insomnia, but slept like a baby after your sound healing session.” – Angie 

“Child of the earth’s Healing is beautiful, unique and powerful. Her energy is pure and true. Her sound healing helped me release stale energy that no longer served my higher purpose.” – Kim

“A rare offer of yoga with meaning in Nairobi – Narissa is a great teacher, and presence – full of great energy. Highly recommended!” – Steven Bland 

 “I felt like crying when you played the singing bowls during meditation. It was like I had found home.” – Caroline Belin 

“Great person with amazing skills that calm the mind, heal the soul and reinvigorate the self.” – Kamenchu

“I was overcome by intense happiness from my heart when you played the bowl there.” – Nimira 

 “You took me to an ancient place of the earth’s consciousness, a place of peace. I could feel the strong healing vibrations from your hands. I had a seized up neck and shoulder for 3 months, and after just one session all the pain is gone! I slept better than I have slept in weeks. The stress is lifted, I feel lighter.” – Aliya 

“I’ve been feeling anxious for a few months but since the session I have not felt any anxiety. I am calm and in control. Also it alleviated cramps for the rest of my period and I didn’t have to take painkillers this time!” – Anon female 

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