What I can do for you:

  • Travel marketing – get your tour, lodging/campsite, restaurant, or cool activity featured on my blog
  • Press trips – showcase your beautiful country, destination or tour to the world through my blog, social media and videos
  • Brand ambassador – especially for backpacking and travel products, conscious products, or outfits that I will model in unique natural locations.
  • Co-create tours together – especially adventurous, conscious, or to off-the-beaten-track locations
  • Unique content and perspective for your publication, film or podcast – whether you want to interview me, or want me to create content for you
  • Sponsored posts – showcase your place, your cause, your product, your tour. Note that I will only share products etc that I personally believe in.
  • Social media blasts – reach unique audiences including across Africa, spiritually inclined, justice inclined.
  • House-sitting, dog-sitting, AirBnB. I would love to take care of your house and pets. if you run an AirBnB but live elsewhere, I can manage the space and take care of your guests.
Digital nomad working from the beach
Digital nomad working from the white sands of Diani, Kenya

Writing and Speaking work

Authentic writing, Engaging speaking

I write and speak on:

  • Budget travel and backpacking
  • Solo travel, especially solo female backpacking
  • Human rights and environmental justice
  • Arts for social change
  • Spirituality and consciousness

I have MC’d at weddings, performed at festivals, given talks at universities and remote women’s groups. I have held workshops on nada yoga, and am currently creating courses in mindfulness and meditation.


Get creative...

I have no strings, no permanent home, and am a curious and daring soul. I love being on the move for months on end. I am passionate about social and environmental justice, alternative ways of living, convening with nature, ancient spiritual wisdom and plant medicine. Let your imagination run wild! I am open to hear all kinds of ideas.

Lets collaborate

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Sound Healing, Yoga & Meditation


Breathing and manipulation of prana, the life force. Within a few classes, you will be empowered to continue the practice on your own.

Hatha yoga

Slow and meditative classical yoga, for all levels including beginners.

Meditation facilitation

I facilitate group meditations using techniques from Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Kenya – including sound / nature / guided / breath / chakra / beej mantras / goddess mantras / eating / tea / walking. More in my portfolio here.

Sound healing

Individual sound healing sessions include a confidential consultation, chakra work, binaural wave relaxation, vibrational massage therapy, aromatherapy with essential oils, African flower essence tea, sound bath, and energetic healing. More details here.

Sound baths for groups

I facilitate group sound baths, shamanic sound journeys, and chakra activating and cleaning meditations using the Tibetan singing bowls, Indian bamboo flute (bansuri) and Vietnamese gongs. Read more on Sound healing and my offerings here.
singing bowls lying down meditation

Conscious Collabos

  • Value exchanges – I can exchange yoga and meditation classes for your guests/staff, for staying at your beautiful location. I’ll write about it too! Longer-term agreements are also possible.
  • Spice up your retreat with my various offerings
  • Let’s host a workshop together
  • I bring unique offerings and ideas to festivals, and have diverse experience
  • Documentary production. I am especially passionate to elevate community voices on environmental issues, and have produced 3 documentaries so far, including Water to Dust about the world’s largest desert lake under threat
  • Event organising – I could be convinced to organize an event for you. I have experience in organizing a 70-director all-Africa conference, various events at festivals, film screenings, panel discussions, etc.

Ask for sound healing

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Call me : +254-717-685-161

Rates: individual or group