All over the Kenyan coast!

Last week I was on Funzi Island in the far south coast of Kenya, an area of mangrove forests and isolated beaches. I had organised a mini writer’s retreat at Aramesh, a meditation and creative retreat space in the making. The gathering was facilitated by my dear friend Alexander Ikawah, and was a beautiful few days spent writing under a Tamarind tree, among the beach caves, and in a little cottage on a cliff edge.

Over the weekend, I moved to the north coast to Kilifi, land where the medicinal Neem tree grows wild – also known as Mwarubaini or Mkilifi. A couple of friends and I had put together a little yoga and meditation retreat, under Child of the Earth and ZenFest Africa. What an eclectic gathering of all ages, colours, backgrounds, beliefs and experiences! We really grew as a conscious, loving family in just a couple of days.

Now I am in Watamu, a quiet touristic town just north of the last, with wide sandy beaches. People here are mostly descended from intermarriages between local Giriama people and Arab traders.
Tomorrow I head further north to Malindi, a bigger town that is dubbed “Little Italy,” historically a port city.

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Places i have been recently

In the Usambara mountains of north-eastern Tanzania! At Magoroto Forest Estate, to be precise. Rolling hills of emerald green forest, dotted with palm trees, ‘umbrella trees’, and many other species that the local guides will name for you. I am seriously considering moving here, not least because of the fresh mountain air, endless hikes, and super friendly people, but also because the weather is just perfect (for me). I find Nairobi a tad too cold, and the coast too humid and sweaty. Here, no complaints. I’m ok with the occasional thunderstorm and lack of network half the time.

I’ve been here for just over 2 weeks camping by a tranquil lake where the shrill opera of insects lulls me to sleep at night, and the soothing morning breeze accompanies my sunrise yoga either in a clearing in the trees or on the edge of the lake with a view of distant mountains….. Dreamy…. 


The rest of this year will see me doing a value exchange teaching yoga in the mountains, organising a writer’s retreat on a coastal island, and facilitating a full moon meditation retreat in a green part of Kenya’s north coast. More details on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages.

Tickle your tastebuds for some upcoming stories with the pictures below from Magoroto..