Have you noticed it? Perhaps you think of someone one morning, and in the afternoon they call you? Maybe certain events and meetings are way too perfectly aligned to be mere coincidence? Or are the repetitive numbers popping out to you – 1111s, 222s, 444s, etc?

How about your inner world? Have you noticed the extreme light and dark showing up almost simultaneously? Your inner demons that you have kept suppressed are demanding attention, and rearing their ugly heads if you ignore them – and at the same time you seem to be gaining wisdom, clarity, and even intuition? Are you suddenly more sensitive to energies, wishing to clear your own, and your heart is demanding you rearrange your entire life towards your purpose and calling?

If the answer is yes, you are not crazy, my friend. I will share more below. If the answer is no, worry not – but take some time out to look within and listen to your self beyond this physical manifestation. You might be surprised what beauty and power lies in wait.

Every Day is a Thrill Now

It used to be a rare occurrence that a triple number, a coincidence, or a possible telepathic transmission would occur to me. But now it has reached a point that I am almost overwhelmed with the frequency of these happenings, that I just had to share. In the last few weeks, and especially building up to the full moon and lunar eclipse last Friday, I have experienced without fail, between 3-6 serendipitous events each day!

Every day there is someone that I think of who calls me, or vice versa. For example, today I woke up at 6:30am thinking of my healer friend Christina. Before 8am she had texted me saying she was thinking of me throughout her whole beach walk that morning! Another incidence – one evening, I thought of my friend Joe, with whom I have not spoken with for months. I dropped him a hello on WhatsApp. His response “Was that you I spotted at Java last night?”. Indeed I had been at a meeting there the day before. These are just a few of way too many such incidences to be coincidence.

As for numerology, repetitive numbers are appearing all the time. What does this mean? My comrades and teachers tell me it means the angels are sending messages. You can look up more about this, but to me it always feels reassuring – like an affirmation that I am on the right track, or a comforting hand on my shoulder telling me everything is ok.

Premonitions and Shamanic Dreams

Messages are coming through meditations and dreams left right and centre. I recently received an energetic gift of strength, patience and determination from the rhino spirit. A dear friend last week received a strong message and visual premonition of energetic healing work that we were to do together – and indeed we started the work yesterday, in the same scene as the dream. Another friend dreamt of the baby her cousin was to have – right down to the gender and looks – which came true.

The above are just a few of ongoing serendipity that is occurring everywhere. I hear of it from too many sources for it not to be significant.

The Universe Answered My Call

singing bowls ceremony

This one was too crazy. I am still reeling with shock, amazement, awe and gratitude. As most of you know, I practice sound healing with the Himalayan singing bowls, bamboo flute, and several other instruments. Now, around half a year ago, I had the opportunity to play my singing bowls and flute during a plant medicine ceremony. Thus ensued a realisation that my life path must take me in this direction – it was so natural and felt so right to channel the spirits of the plants, and share their songs through my instruments and voice. Those present agreed. The calling in me was strong. And so I sent out a request to the universe to guide me towards this path.

Specifically, I requested to be holding space at plant medicine ceremonies soon. I wished to work with a plant medicine shaman who would carry the ceremony, and I would be present with my sounds to assist in guiding the journey and creating the safe space.

I didn’t know who this plant medicine shaman would be that I would work with, and when they would appear. In the months following, there were several “almost”s but no match had yet presented itself.

Last week, I received a message from a woman who had been given my number by my dear friend, musician, and royal soul Ambassa Mandela. She wanted to speak. We unintentionally scheduled our call right at the turn of the full moon last Friday. For 3 hours we spoke and connected deeply. She said:

“I work with plant medicine, and will be moving around East Africa early next year. I was looking for a sound shaman, specifically one who works with singing bowls and gongs, to hold space with me.”

At these words, I nearly fainted and exploded simultaneously. The world was swirling. My eyes welled with tears, and I told her I needed a minute. Once I explained to her that with her request, she had answered my own request, she replied “Ashe,” acknowledging our divinity and interconnectedness with everything.

People are Doing the Work

The collective vibration is rising. Not only are non-coincidences happening all around us, if we take the time to notice them, but we are all individually having to step up and upgrade. There is no choice.

In my own circles, Karim has decided to go deep into his own healing by taking on a raw vegan diet and meditating 2 hours daily. Kaya is doing regular juice fasts, also meditating intensely. Personally, I am doing daily spiritual practice for several hours – be it yoga, pranayama, dance, meditation, flute, or art.

Recently, I was approached by someone who told me he has tried absolutely every form of traditional therapy to deal with his depression and negative mind, but it hasn’t worked. He has realised that what’s missing in his life is the ability to feel emotion. So he is heading to the Amazon for an Ayahuasca retreat – with this plant medicine, he intends to discover Love. He wanted to talk with me as a person who has gone through a similar life-changing retreat. I know his intention will be fulfilled. He will meet and feel Love. He is upgrading.

The day after this meeting, a dear friend approached me to help her face traumas from her past that she has been suppressing for the last 10 years. Every time they rear their heads, the emotions are too intense and overwhelming, that she was understandably deeply afraid to face. But traumas cannot be pushed down forever. They must be faced head on – and when you build up the courage to do this, you will be transported to a state of being beyond your wildest imagination. The effects they have been having on your body, mind, and life will lift, and be replaced with new realities, and new powers. My friend here and I did a long healing session for around 9 hours, mostly in the forest – and she is stepping into new powers and realisations – first about her past, but more importantly about herself. She is actually a powerful empath and is profoundly intuitive.

A Message for You, Reader

What does this all mean practically, all this serendipity, and the call to upgrade with the collective consciousness?

beach meditate takaungu

1. Do your inner work

Do not shy away from it or postpone it. These times are ripe for tuning in beyond the material and physical world. There are so many powerful light beings around – your angels, ancestors and guardian spirits are here to support and guide you. You are held. Find out what practices work for your inner journey, and assign time to them daily. Take time regularly to sit in silence and connect, to yourself, to nature, and beyond. If you need help on your inner healing, do not hesitate to seek help. And embrace the opportunity that is upon us. Step into your power, dear soul.

2. Manifest consciously

We are creating with our thoughts and emotions continuously, whether we are conscious or not. Be aware of how you interact with the world. Be aware of what vibrations you are sending out, that will surely come back to you. This is not a call to false positivity – when you need to go through difficult emotions, do so fully in entirety. But once your process is over, be conscious of what signals you send out. The times are so powerful that we can create realities almost immediately right now.

(If you would like an article or a video on manifestation or dealing with difficult emotions, let me know)

What Have You Been Experiencing?

I would love to hear your experiences of serendipity! The comments section below is your playground.

With love and light,

child of the Earth

(AKA Nomad Girl)


  1. hey no-madness girl.
    ive been seperating from my “self”, and he screams at me, and at god that he wont etc.

    i used to think he was me.

    now i am nothing like

    but i miss the prayer.
    i can’t pray without a voice?

    and also i’m scared about my holiday ending, and going back to punching people and breaking windows.

    got to save em all!

    • Hey Hafiz! Amazing to hear from you. Sounds like you are on a deep journey there… Dig deeper… Connect with your divinity in the heart space when the mind switches off and Love speaks…. <3 Thanks for sharing!

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