Daddy, caring father
Hubby, loving husband
Bro, always watching
Son, dedicated in life and death
Global citizen with a giving heart

Pure soul.
A rarity on this Earth
Present every moment
Loving and supporting.

Steady soul.
Strong like a pillar
With tender warmth at the core
Holding us through the storms.

Earnest soul.
You give your all
Heart, soul, body, mind
And you do it for us.

Diligent soul.
Icon of hardwork
Epitome of discipline
And dedication, rooted in your meditation.

Energetic soul,
That cannot sit still!
Workout daily is a must.
Active from 4am till 10pm.

Loving soul.
Your family is your everything.
Your every move, every breath
You take for us.

Giving soul.
You have sacrificed your life, your every day
For us.
With love, you give.
With smiles, you give.
With open heart, you give.
And even beyond your family,
Your generosity is a bright beam of hope.

Positive soul.
No matter what,
Your smile, your optimism, your unshakeable faith
Is the warm comforting breath that uplifts.

And so today,
We thank the stars for blessing us
With the gift that is your divine presence in our lives.

Happy birthday!


  1. Beautifully written & expressed!!! You are truly blessed to have,such a wonderful father who loves, cares and supports you!! Happy Birthday! 🎉🎊🦋💕

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