Mini Meditation Courses

Online live meditation sessions and mentoring during the time of COVID to nurture inner peace, wisdom, and community.

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1. Minimalist Meditation for Absolute Beginners – completed

2. Beginners Meditation – An Exploration – Starting soon (See below)

3. Intermediate Meditation Techniques

4. Advanced Meditation Techniques

5. Coping with Uncertainty


Beginners Meditation – An Exploration

25th May – 1st June


An 8-day mini-course of 30 minute daily live sessions to explore types of meditation and help you find what works best for you.

There will be optional Q&A after each session. We will explore 9 different types of meditation, 5 different positions, and 2 different times of day. Those with an established practice already, you may be surprised to try something slightly different from your routine.

beginner meditation with Child of the Earth

Upcoming Mini Courses

  • Intermediate Meditation Techniques : A 6-day course of 40-minute meditations, and optional Q&A after. These will be held bi-weekly, for 3 weeks. Join
  • Advanced Meditation Techniques : 1 hour meditation sessions that will be held twice a week, to allow you to explore each technique before we move on to the next. The course will go over 3 weeks. Ideally for serious meditators, who have at least 2 years meditation practice (but all those interested are welcome). Join

Previous Events

Minimalist Meditation for Absolute Beginners

For the busy but curious soul 

Completed (10th – 15th May 2020). Stay tuned for the online version.

A 6-day course requiring minimum effort daily – a 15 minute live call, optional Q&A, and a short personal meditation. We will explore simple ways to integrate peace, presence, breath, meditation and mindfulness into your daily life – with minimal time investment.

Meditation Resources (updated daily and to be used in conjunction with the live video check-ins):

  1. Meditation preparation.pdf
  2. Morning Calm 1 Meditation (please download)
  3. Morning Calm 2 meditation 
  4. Mid-day breath 
  5. Night Release & Rest 
  6. Recommended meditation soundtrack (follow link)
  7. Feedback form 

Coping with Uncertainty:

With Pinky Ghelani & Olivia Pendergast

Wed 20th May 2020 at 7:30pm EAT

An intimate conversation with Pinky Ghelani and Olivia Pendergast, hosted by Narissa Allibhai. We shared our personal experience with aspects of uncertainty in this current global situation – from finance, to love, to disruption of plans. We explored how we are coping in a way that makes us our best person – from creativity, to routine, to self-care, to positivity, to giving, to sitting with our feelings and allowing them to be, with love.

The conversation was hosted live from this FB page.

Watch replay.


facebook live conversation