2019: Stepping onto my path

Come last January, I was ready. I had spent all of 2018 preparing. So I jumped headfirst into the ocean of cosmic vibration without looking back. Beej mantras, Tibetan singing bowls, Indian bamboo flute (bansuri), hatha yoga, pranayama, various meditation practices – these ancient gifts which I had the privilege of tasting – it was time to share them.

Starting from January 2019, Child of the Earth – Sound Healing Ke grew in six months from an idea in my head to an established practice around East Africa. Why? Passion, hard work, and belief in these tools of healing and inner peace. A true labour of love. But even more so, really, the power of these instruments and practices is a wisdom with a mind of its own.

I spent much of the last year migrating up and down the East African coastline and around the forests of western Kenya, as well as a month in Vietnam. I met many teachers, some human, some musical, some natural. I went through an intense process mid-year when my throat chakra demanded I address some serious blockages. The attempt nearly turned my life upside-down, and the journey to balance authenticity and kindness continues.

A community has been founded – Spirituality Beyond Religion. We gather in a public green space every month or two and explore ancient spiritual wisdom in a safe space. The people who come are a mix of curious minds, meditators, creatives, healers, herbalists, free-thinkers, and beings of love. It is a beautiful community and a safe, loving space. All are welcome.

Girl playing a Tibetan singing bowl with friends sitting and lying in the grass and trees meditating
Singing bowls healing meditation during a Spirituality Beyond Religion gathering

Lessons from the year:

  • Authenticity and humility are key when working to share spiritual tools.
  • You can achieve miracles if you put your mind to it.
  • Each hurdle one goes through is an opportunity for growth and lessons, if you open yourself to receive these gifts. “No mud, no lotus.”
  • There are many other oddballs out there who don’t fit in the ‘man eat man’ society – beings of love can be found everywhere.


Year-ends are often quite intense for me. Two years ago, my best friend had just died and the lessons from the universe were pounding me mercilessly. I was stumbling around Thailand, confused and numb, at the time. Last year I was being taught (again ruthlessly) some crucial lessons while alone and in a very vulnerable space in Zanzibar. This was just before a magical new year’s on the beach with artists passionate about creating a ‘man raise man’ society (Ambasa Mandela and friends).

This year, I had just come back to Nairobi after months on the coast working very hard – from launching the Nomad Girl Tales blog, to a value exchange at a camping lodge in the Usambara mountains, to organizing a writers retreat on Funzi Island, to co-organising and facilitating a full moon meditation retreat by the ocean in Kilifi… I was tired. Exhausted. I could not bring myself to even call or reply to anyone’s messages. This is also because I was feeling extremely introverted.

I sat in meditation daily, for increasing periods of time. I felt lost and confused, disconnected from nature and other people, in doubt of my abilities, and searching for an answer to a question I did not know.

26 Dec 2019. I went to meditate at the Nairobi Buddhist temple (one of my go-to safe spaces when I need to be alone and quiet) for three hours. I did sitting meditation, walking meditation, and then a long sit again. Midway through my meditations, the New Moon turned at 8:13am. A few minutes later, the solar eclipse was at its maximum at 8:17am. I realised later that during these significant astrological shifts, I had been standing amongst the roots of a tree in the corner of the garden, with my hands on its trunk and my forehead pressed against it.  And believe you me, I really did feel the shifts, the difference in my energetic vibration before and after.

The meditative mood continued until New Year’s Eve. I seriously considered spending the turn of the year alone, in meditation – but decided to enjoy the blessing of being with my family instead. The night before, I spent in communion with nature and divine wisdom. My dear friends and I were camping. It was nothing but refreshing peace, sounds of the trees and wildlife, ultimate presence and consciousness with no rush. We spoke and shared, poured out our hearts and souls, learned and healed and grew. The next morning we meditated and played those divine instruments the didgeridoo, gongs and bamboo flute.

Didge boy and gong girl connecting with those divine vibrations. PC: @eucalyptusafrica on IG.

What a night and morning, a beautiful meeting of souls, smiled over by the wise and gentle trees. The shift in me cannot be explained. My unknown question has been answered. I know what I must do now.

2020: Return to Child

My commitments for 2020:

  • Be kind.
  • Be simple.
  • Be authentic.
  • Be present.
  • Be equanimous.
  • Be humble.
  • Be loving.

I realised that the greatest gift I have to share right now are tools of equanimity, which will lead to the most sustainable peace and bliss. Chasing after temporary joys and possessions will only give a fleeting high. I vow to do my best to return to the authenticity and innocence of my child nature. To explore, learn, and share humbly. To nurture my own inner peace so that I may share it with others. To listen to the wisdom around me – from my flute and bowls, from the trees and animals, from the various teachers in surprising forms.

To you, fellow soul, I wish you deep peace, unconditional love, wisdom, and that the dream butterfly perching in your heart takes flight this year!

Love and lemongrass chai,

Nomad Girl


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