fireside tales show poster nomad girl playing flute over a campfire

I am starting a new live storytelling show on YouTube!

Crazy tales from my backpacking adventures, followed by live Q & A with you – where you can ask me any question on earth. Why did I give up a life of stability and comfort to wander the margins as a hippie with no particular home? Do I ever get scared, traveling as a girl alone? What’s my favourite place? Worst experience?

Since we can’t physically travel right now, we can instead let our imaginations soar, and share good memories and inspiration, over a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

This Friday (15th May) I will talk about my first time ever backpacking – to Mexico, in 2013! I crossed the border from California on foot, travelled to a state under US Travel advisory Level 4, stayed in a forest hippie community, volunteered on a coffee farm, hiked through 7 southern hill villages with a guide who spoke only Spanish, took my first hitch-hike on a truck, and more…

Let’s get cosy every Friday at 5:30pm East African Time (3:30pm GMT) – to join, head over now to my YouTube channel “Nomad Girl Tales“, click on the red Subscribe button, and also click the little bell to the right of the subscribe button so you are notified when I post or go live.

It’s my first time doing a live storytelling show on YouTube and I am so excited! Looking forward to hanging out on Friday….


What do you think?