Are you also confused?

Firstly, is COVID a real virus or a hoax by the powers that be to control us more? If it’s real, why is half the population behaving like it isn’t? 

Is it really as serious as they say? If not, please explain to me why the hospital ICUs are filling up again with the second wave hitting the globe right now? This is the case here in Kenya too. The Aga Khan Hospital has even set up extra tents in the field to cater for the increasing serious cases, and Mbagathi Hospital is creating temporary facilities with more beds.

What about the mainstream news, is it to be trusted? Obviously not fully – there are agendas at play. And for those of us in Kenya, we know the government manipulates all situations to make money, so they have good reason to exaggerate the situation in order to get more donor money to eat it – as they already have been doing. There are stories that doctors and the bereaved are being bribed to attribute more illnesses and deaths to COVID than is the reality.

So how about the conspiracy websites and documentaries? They can be pretty convincing, but then again, how can we separate truth from fiction? There are definitely hidden agendas and dark motives behind the vaccine rush (including money-making schemes, and digital tagging of the global population), and possibly even behind the existence of the virus itself.

friends on a forest walk - covid safe?
A friends photo after a forest walk a while back – now might raise eyebrows – where are the masks? Why is there physical contact? Why are they not 2m apart?
covid confusion - to wear a mask or not?
The “new normal” – walking around like this – face covered up, sanitiser in pocket, staying far from every other human 🙁

As a society, too, we are definitely confused. Some are still hiding away at home, sanitising everything, wearing masks and not interacting with anyone. Some are interacting cautiously, elbow-bumping instead of hugging and maintaining social distance, but attempting to create a new temporary norm that allows us to resume work and play until the world restores a sense of sanity (if ever). Some don’t believe COVID is that serious, or even exists, and are returning to “the old normal” – hugging everyone, not wearing masks unless in sight of police, crowding and socialising as we used to. Where do you stand on this spectrum? I would love to hear your opinions in the comments below.

The behaviour of society reflects what is in most of our heads – confusion. We don’t know what to believe, nor how to act. On one hand we need to return to some semblance of normalcy in order to refill our empty pockets, while on the other hand we don’t want to risk our own health and especially not the health of our parents and grandparents. Back to the first hand, we miss human touch – hugs, being near another without fear of inhaling infected breath – the feeling of closeness that is so important to mental and emotional health.

No, this post does not have a particular solution. But I hope for my own sanity that writing and sharing this brings some relief. And perhaps brings you some too, fellow confused human.

We are in this together. Perhaps the best advice I can think of comes from the sages of old – to be present, fully living each moment, as we take the important decisions and live with the consequences. Nothing is certain, and nothing lasts forever. Except the present moment. 

Note: I intentionally did not state my opinion in this piece, but you’ll find it if you read between the lines or explore my previous posts.

What do you think?