Just last year we gathered under the trees. Soon we will be able to again…

Can you feel the energy shifting? What seemed so still, even stagnant, as we were forced to meet ourselves and deal with what we needed to, is now stirring, shifting, moving beautifully in new ways. From stillness, creativity is born. From facing ourselves, authenticity is born. We are stepping into a new reality, a complete unknown, and we are all co-creators. 

Sometimes it will feel exciting, sometimes scary. Sometimes we will be rearing to go, and at other times want to hide under the covers. Some days will be perfect, and on others everything will go wrong. But it is all ok, it is just alright, we can ride the waves like surfers if we just stay in touch with Love, with Peace and with Community. Hone it within ourselves and share it with each other. Hold each others hands gently and rise together.

Conscious gatherings are starting to happen on a small scale. I recently attended a breathwork and sound healing gathering of a few light beings that watered the withering plant in my heart. Not long after, a communing with a couple of soul-friends, trees of an old forest, and musical instruments sang more love to make that plant dance. The movement of love and mutual upliftment is re-emerging after our period in isolation. We are returning rejuvenated, more appreciative, more vulnerable yet stronger, and definitely wiser.

Conscious Connect – a free wellness weekend (19-20 Sept) is an online gathering, or festival, or sharing, or potluck, or huge community meeting, over 18 sessions to help us heal, reset, and step into the new way of being. I am one of the organisers, and have never done anything like this before. It is an experiment, and such an exciting one.

Twenty-one meditators, yogis, breathworkers, healers, alternative therapists, martial arts practitioners, eco-friendly lifestyle practitioners, nutritionists and musicians are coming together to offer you a weekend of nourishment, love and healing. You can sign up here, and explore a taste of the amazing range of healing modalities available to us right here from Kenya. 

Anyone can join the whole weekend through live online streaming, and a couple of sessions have an in-person option for those in Nairobi. Please share around your networks and let’s come together in large numbers.

Free wellness weekend poster in Kenya with all facilitators

This wellness weekend is the first big community event of Conscious Kenya, an online platform that aims to gather everything and everyone holistic wellness and eco-lifestyle into one place – with events, alternative therapists, conscious products, interest groups and gatherings, a multi-media blog, and much more. Please explore, join and let’s create an alternative thriving online hub that is based on love, healing, and respect for people and planet! You can join here to see what is brewing and be part of it!

Together we rise.

What do you think?