Naked and wounded, here I lay sprawled across your bosom.
Raw am I, stripped of layer after layer. Mere core remains.
My vulnerable soul I offer up to you, Pachamama. It is all I have left.

Naked and wounded, here I lay sprawled across your bosom.

Photo credit: Neal Fowler Flickr

Photo credit: Neal Fowler Flickr

Death destruction pain heartbreak loss depression poverty murder
Theft corruption slavery rape evil disregard selfishness betrayal
Spiral in every direction, chaotically multiplying
Within and without, echo cries, screams and silent sorrow.

Naked and wounded, here I lay sprawled across your bosom
Occupying a mere speck, as beside me lie millions more
Weary souls, drained and injured, wrecked and wretched
The process of re-birthing has begun.

Naked and wounded, here we lie sprawled across your bosom
Like helpless fish frantically a-flop the brown soil
But we must let go
For we are not in control
At least not individually.

You are purging, Pachamama, and the entire global consciousness is in upheaval
The misuse and wetiko we have claimed
Reared into a many-headed dragon of self-destruction
Hurtling to the cliff edge
Head has turned upon head, biting, scratching, ripping, killing
Falling into the darkness we are becoming

But the Earth Mother ever protective will not allow this
Her patience and tolerance driven to breaking point
She is forced to cleanse.
The turmoil of the world is in full force
Natural disaster, intensity of human interaction and spiritual stripping
Are just some manifestations of the cosmic cataclysm.

Naked and wounded, here we lie sprawled across your bosom.
And, dear Mother, we must
For destruction is necessary for creation.
Death is essential for re-birth.
Pain, sorrow and loss precede the awakening
When these souls will rise in new power of pure love.

Amidst the ashes are glowing embers whose light reflects
Flickering fireflies in the pitch darkness
A sweet call briefly echoes around the absolute silence.
Gradually and magnetically the flickering, glowing souls come together.
A burst of energy fills every space and non-space with a fresh warm light.

Naked and new, souls of the earth vibrate a force of love
Childlike and smiling,
We begin to create.


  1. Naked and wounded lies all of humanity,

    Yet there is hope in every space and within this period.

    New souls that emerge now, powered by love will clean,

    and allow for pure life to truthfully appear.

    Mother Nature is all forgiving

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