This blog changed its outfit!

My dear subscribers, I finally managed to revamp the People in the Margins blog! This did mean a change of website address from to Your subscriptions have been migrated over to the new site. If you were a follower through WordPress and would like email notifications, you can do it through the new site.…

Solo female backpacker on on the back of a motorbike with a big red backpack

A Backpacker’s Life

Trudging through foreign lands like a turtle with your life on your back; not knowing where you will sleep that night; crashing on random people’s couches and ending up as BFFs; volunteering on remote farms and gorging on fresh organic food; staying at the cheapest hostel in town and exploring secret alleys with fellow travellers; surviving on risky but tasty street food; bussing miles of the unknown alone – this is the life of a backpacker.