Sound Healing

~ Closing my eyes, I allow the sound of the Tibetan singing bowls to flow through and permeate every cell of my body. My brain begins to vibrate with the high bowl’s song, and it soon melts, along with my physical body. I feel a new awareness beyond the physical body as my chakras resonate, and these energy centres come alive with power and harmony. That ancient voice guides me into space, a deeply comforting darkness where glowing orbs hover with answers to the mysteries of the universe. A deep growl reverberating from the largest bowl takes me centuries, millennia back, to a temple high in the Himalayan mountains whose sacred carvings begin to glow a dark orange. We are sitting in deep meditation muttering mantras of protection and healing, vibrating in resonance with the essence of the universe – OM. My present soul joins the gathering and a voice murmurs “Welcome back, child.” ~

We spend our lives gradually uncovering truths about our essence. We receive many signs, and messages from gurus of all shapes and forms, which we may or may not heed. But it is never too late to stop, listen, trust, and let go. Personally, nature has been the goddess that has always guided me through every step, and I humbly submit to her. Prostrating before a lake is my position of ultimate comfort and power. When the ancient voice of the singing bowls called me, I stepped tenderly onto this path of Nada Yoga, union of the individual with the cosmos through the highest vibration. Similarly, the bansuri and my voice are channels of a force of healing, power and manifestation beyond my human comprehension. Following with patience and trust…

My Offerings

~ Sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls and bansuri (personal)

~ Meditation (sound / nature / guided / breath / chakra / beej mantras / goddess mantras / eating / walking)

~ Pranayama (breath control techniques)

~ Hatha yoga

~ Sound bath with Tibetan singing bowls and bansuri (group)

~ Talks with discussion and meditation

If you would like to do a private session with me, a group session, or if you would like to organize a workshop or retreat, email me on You can also call +254-717-685-161.

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